ECI Awards


The prestigious ECI Project of the Year Award acknowledges leading Engineering and Construction projects/project teams, which have achieved significant success through effective management and delivery approaches.

Awards are considered for projects demonstrating excellence, regardless of size. Winners are announced during the Gala Dinner at the ECI Annual Conference.

ECI Project of the Year winners will be provided with an optional presentation slot at the conference, should you wish to utilise this opportunity for the project team to outline the success of the project, and the successful approaches taken by your organisation.

  • Nominations are open to the entire industry.
  • Eligible projects include those completed in the last two years.
  • The award winners will be announced at the ECI’s 2019 Annual Conference.

ECI Project of the Year application form

ECI Young Professional of the Year Award

Each year young professionals from the engineering construction sector are recognised for excellent performance through the ECI Young Professional of the Year Award.

Awards are made on the basis of the young professional’s contribution to their profession, their organisation or to ECI activities.

ECI Young Professional of the Year winners are also provided with an optional slot at the ECI Annual Conference. This has proved to be very popular/successful in providing an opportunity for the winners to outline how they have come to be successful, and how their employing organisation has supported this success. The winners are announced at the ECI Annual Conference.

  • The ECI Young Professional of the Year will be officially announced at the ECI Annual Conference
  • In addition, the winner will be provided with an optional 10-15 minute slot at the ECI Annual Conference (please contact ECI if you wish to discuss this in more detail).
  • Nominations must be under the age of 35 years

Nominations are judged by a panel of impartial senior industrial representatives and the ECI management team. The judging panel will be particularly interested in one or more of the following areas for the nominees:

  • Rapid development of their professional skills / career / become key part of a team
  • Involvement in the wider-engineering and construction community
  • Maturity in the application of skills / shown potential at an early stage in their career
  • Cross-sector / multi-disciplinary application of skills
  • Delivery of work / projects to an exceptional standard
  • Creation of exposure for engineering / undertaken ambassadorial work

Additional documents that you might like to submit in support of your application would be welcome, although this is not essential.

ECI Young Professionial of the Year application form

Active Cup

The ACTIVE Cup is an annual competition facilitated by Cranfield University School of Management in partnership with the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB).

It represents a rewarding ‘competition-based learning event’ in project management, which is run on the basis of the ACTIVE principles.

The competition is focused on small teams who, in a simulated project environment, manage a fixed price construction project from inception to completion, financed by negotiated loan capital on behalf of an external client.

The competition is aimed at project management practitioners, team members, and support / service staff.

The teams are able to engage in the negotiation of claims for client-driven scope changes and in the resolution of disputes. The exercise is highly time-pressured, enjoyable and rewarding.

The event involves a series of short project management tutorials, followed by the teams finalising their execution plans and profit estimates, prior to the simulation commencing.