Joining ECI gives you the opportunity to become part of a pan-European network of leading organisations from across the Construction and Engineering Construction supply chain spanning a range of sectors and disciplines, from pharmaceuticals to gas and petrochemical engineering, from structural to civil engineering. You will have access to a range of resources to help improve the way you deliver your projects.

Membership of ECI provides global coverage for all your staff and offices, enabling anyone from your organisation to get involved in ECI events, Task Forces or initiatives, and to access the full set of ECI publications, reports and practice guidance, online and in print.

To join please talk to one of the team on  +44 (0)3330 430 643 or email


Join a network of leading organisations at the cutting-edge:

  • Opportunity to be part of a pan-European network of your peers from across the Construction and Engineering Construction supply chain.
  • Access to an unrivalled knowledge base of publications, reports, legislation toolkits and guidance.
  • Ability to demonstrate your adoption of independently verified industry best practice.
  • Recognition of your commitment to innovation and development.
  • The opportunity to enter ECI’s annual Project of the Year Awards competition.
  • Access to online web-based services in a secure members’ area.
  • Tailored programs to tackle issues critical to your business and in support of your complex construction projects.
  • Entitlement to free places and reduced rates at conferences, workshops, site visits and events covering cutting-edge developments within the industry.
  • Global membership coverage, providing all of your staff and offices with access to ECI events and resources.
  • Engagement with Task Force activity and industry-focussed research with support from world-leading academics and research institutions.
  • Development of the next generation of top engineers and construction professionals from within your organisation through involvement in ECI’s Young Professionals Task Force.


There are different options available for membership depending on the type and size of your organisation, to ensure you receive the best value for money.

To join please talk to one of the team on  +44 (0)3330 430 643 or email